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Jack the Ripper VIP Tours

Our VIP Jack the Ripper tours offer the opportunity to go first-class with the celebrity’s choice, and it is perfect for those who are searching for something that little bit different. On our tour, you will be able to:

  Drink in the Ten Bells Pub
  Dine first-class in proper East End style
  Visit ALL of the official murder sites
  See all of the original crime scene photographs
  Receive a free, award-winning Jack the Ripper documentary
  Receive a free in-depth Jack the Ripper guide book and maps
  Receive one year's free membership to the largest crime club in the UK

I don't believe it! Our guide John Chambers on tour with Richard Wilson

An experience like no other

Our tour allows you to drink in the famous Ten Bells Pub and dine in London’s most popular East End fish and chip restaurant, as well as visit all of the murder sites and buildings associated with Jack the Ripper. Plus, we will reveal original crime scene photographs and top secret documents, hidden for over a century.

Enjoy a full day of Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel murders on one of our VIP Jack the Ripper tours!

Milla Jovovich from Fifth Element and Resident Evil, enjoying our VIP Tour

Return to 1888

No stone will be left unturned as you are taken through the history of the Autumn of Terror. You will be guided by a Jack the Ripper expert (a Ripperologist), who will transport you back in time (127 years) to a time when London was the largest empire in the world, when Queen Victoria ruled... and where the greatest mystery in the history of crime unfolded.

Your VIP experience itinerary

Visit the official five murder sites of Jack the Ripper:
   Mary Ann Nichols (31st August 1888)
   Annie Chapman (8th September 1888)
   Elizabeth Stride (30th September 1888, 1am)
   Catherine Eddowes (30th September 1888, 1.45am)
   Mary Jane Kelly (9th November 1888)

Visit other murder sites listed in the Whitechapel murder file (1888-1891):
  Emma Smith (3rd April 1888)
  Martha Tabram (7th July 1888)
  Alice McKenzie (17th July 1889

See Jack the Ripper's London:
  Goulston Street (where the only clue in the murder case was found)
  The Victorian gin palaces, associated with each of the victims
  Christ Church and Itchy Park (the centre of Jack the Ripper’s London)
  Original houses and surrounding areas from 1888

See the original crime scene photos and Scotland Yard files:
  Unseen crime scene photographs
  The official Scotland Yard suspect files
  The very latest findings and evidence
  Geographical mapping created by the FBI

You will be treated to drinks in the Ten Bells pub
  Drinks are on us as we visit perhaps the most famous pub in the Jack the Ripper story, “The Ten Bells Pub”. Reported to be the drinking den of Mary Jane Kelly and Annie Chapman (both said to be here on the night they died), it hasn’t changed a bit, and is full of authentic atmosphere.

Our guests enjoying drinks at the Ten Bells Pub

You will be treated lunch in London's most popular fish and chips restaurant

  Fish and chips and drink are all included, East End style
  The Happy Days restaurant is now ‘Jack the Ripper themed’, with suspects and motif-inspired pictures on the walls. We can talk about your favourite suspect, and explore the numerous theories surrounding the case.

Our award-winning guidebook and DVD as a souvenir
  Receive our in-depth guidebook, outlining all of the facts, murder sites and suspects
  We will treat you to an exclusive copy of our Jack the Ripper documentary, which brings the streets of Whitechapel back to life

One years free membership to H-Division - the largest true crime club in the UK
  Membership includes four quarterly magazines of the Dagger true crime journal, along with all of the latest crime information and events going on around the world
   Club memorabilia, clothing, accessories and much more!

Please Note - All of our VIP Tours can be tailored to suit your needs and times

To book or enquire about a VIP Jack the Ripper tour experience, please call us on 078030667544 or email us at info@thejacktherippertour.com

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We look forward to seeing you!
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