Top Five Fictional Detectives

hercules piorotWe came across an article that listed the top five fictional detectives from history and it left us wondering, if these detectives were about in ‘real life’ would they have found the man that walked the Jack the Ripper walk, the killer of numerous women, and would they have found out who the real Jack the Ripper was?

The top five fictional detectives are:

  • Sherlock Holmes is one of the world’s most famous fictional detectives but would he have been able to find the routes of the Jack the Ripper tour? Even with help from his sidekick Watson?
  • Hercules Poirot was a brilliant creation of Agatha Christie, this detective was a ‘thinking mans detective’ who was very intelligent and certainly knew it – would his ego have been too big to find Jack the Ripper?
  • Georges Simonon created the police detective that was Inspector Maigret, this detective has his good and bad days throughout his seventy five novels and numerous short stories – surely in that many adventures he could have tracked down Jack the Ripper?
  • Nero Wolfe was an excellent detective and may well have found Jack the Ripper if he had been real – but sadly it was very hard to get him to work outside of his home town of New York.
  • Ellery Queen solved crimes as he found it stimulating for the mind – we are very sure he would have enjoyed working on the Jack the Ripper case as this mystery evolved from day by day and is still an open case as it has not yet been solved.

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