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In amongst the everyday life going on in London’s East End, there is a gruesome and macabre past lurking beyond the shadows; mysterious and chilling, just waiting for you to stumble across it and attempt to solve one of the most elusive crimes in London’s history.

Are you intrigued by the darker side of London’s past? Come and visit a true Victorian London walk on our legendary Jack the Ripper tour. Get stuck into the grittiest side of the East End, amongst the buzz of a vibrant city and lose yourself with Ripper Vision™. This is not just a ghost walk, it’s a captivating and enthralling murder mystery – get to know the victims and the suspects; check out the crime scenes, the evidence and the cobbled streets where the Ripper once walked, preying on his victims.

Utilising the latest technology to bring the 19th century to life, our handheld Ripper-Vision™ projectors add another dimension to the already chilling Jack the Ripper tour. Our dedicated tour guides are certified Ripperologists; passionate about bringing history to life as well as experts in the art of story-telling and real crime.

If the challenge of dissecting the evidence of this century old crime is right up your street, then book tickets to the Number 1 Jack the Ripper Tour in London this year.

 The only Jack the Ripper Tour to use the latest handheld projectors.
 Powered by the all new Ripper-Vision™.
 Our Jack the Ripper Tour operates 7 days a week.
 Due to high demand, please book the Jack the Ripper Walks online.
 See the Autumn of Terror come to life through Ripper-Vision™.

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